It's Time to Pick a Pocket Pack!

It's Time to Pick a Pocket Pack!

From everyone's feedback throughout our Pocket Driver campaign we had a LOT of requests for a bit kit like we made for the original driver.

So, we set to work thinking about what would make the most sense for Pocket Driver. Instead of just making another tool roll with the same things as before, we thought that we could do a lot more with the design and function this time around.

We got busy cutting leather, stitching, punching and testing a whole variety of leather cases.

And here is the finished article...

MetMo Pocket Pack!

Designed to be a fully functional pocket tool case for a full set of Pocket Driver add-ons and comes with a 5-piece kit of bit extenders and adaptors for sockets and micro bits.

What's Pocket Pack?

We set out to create something unique and useful, a miniaturised tool kit that is wearable and uncompromising on functionality. Designed to work with you to make a job easier, and keep your Pocket Drivers in top shape keeping all of the parts together neatly so it can packed away in a toolbox, glovebox or go-bag, ready for when it's needed.

The Pocket Pack is designed much like the Driver, inspired by how craftsmen would holster and store their tools hundreds of years ago, before plastic boxes showed up and ruined everything! The result is a timeless look and feel, that adds to the heritage of the origins of Pocket Driver.

From pocket pouch to tool roll

We have added a couple of neat little features that allows the pouch to work unlike anything else. It can be worn on a belt or hung from a carabiner when working on the go. When working at a desk it fully unrolls to be used like a conventional tool roll, giving full and easy access to all of your bits.

Like a Swiss army knife of leather pouches! People will look on in wonderment at how many bits are stored in such a small space.

Belt mode

Attach it to your belt, open the top and get to all the parts you need, fast. Arranged in a way so they don’t fall out and you can access everything single handedly.

Table mode

Unclipping the secondary catch opens up a whole new world of extra bits that can be laid flat on a work surface.

What are the included Bits?

So, what are the bits that come with it? Well, we wanted to include some bits that increase the usefulness and versatility of the Pocket Driver itself, so we went out and found a selection of adaptors that are normally hard to find but allow you to use a wider range of bits you already have.

We included 2 sizes of hex drive to square so that you can use the Pocket Driver with a large range of sockets, for use with nuts and a whole variety of hex headed screws.

We also included 2 types of micro bit adaptors, a short and a longer micro attachment, ideal for getting into tight and small areas. These adaptors allow use with much smaller 4mm bits, making the driver compatible with thousands of micro bits, often useful for working on electronics.

Lastly a slim line extender. Sometimes it's just necessary to have that little bit of extra length to get into a tight space. The 60mm extension bit is compatible with all the other adaptors so they can all have a bit of extra range when you need it.

The load out

The centre compartment has space for 2 Pocket Drivers or one driver and the magnetic bit kit. Both options with a middle pocket that can take longer reach drive bits. This pocket can take five long bits, but can also be used for your favourite adaptors or Torx bits.

The top compartment has space for 10 standard bits, so you can load in your most common pieces.

The lower compartment has space for 4 short bits and 4 longer extenders.

Quick Release Bits

Something new for us here! These quick release bits are nothing new, but on most products, they are an afterthought that you have to bolt on in some way afterwards.

So, we have incorporated a metal loop on the back of the Pocket Pack, so that quick release bits can be attached and they can hang in a convenient, easy to reach space.

Added bonus! We have sourced some of these too so you can add these on if you want to go for the full working at height MetMo experience!

Magnetic combination

If used with the magnetic bit kit, the magnet has the double action of allowing for some extra bit storage or attaching a few screws for easy access while working. It’s one of those unintended little tricks, but is handy to have somewhere that keeps a few screws at hand. As much fun as holding them in your teeth is, it’s nice to have a dedicated spot for them.

Small size

The whole kit still fits into the palm of your hand and is small enough to go into a pocket or tuck away in a glove box or bag. We thought it was very important that the case didn't detract from the compact design of the Pocket Driver.

Premium leather

We have opted for a premium top grain leather, mainly because it is one of the few materials that looks better as it ages and will further take the shape of the tools over time. Used for millennia keeping tools safe, it will keep the Pocket Driver in top shape for generations to come.

The Stitching

We have reinforced areas expecting high load. Notably the areas around the belt loop have been double stitched with high tensile thread so this will keep the pack in the right shape when fully loaded and stay attached to you whatever you're doing.


Technical details:

  • Weight empty - 90g
  • Fully loaded - 150g
  • Size - 117mm (L) x 85mm (W) x 43mm (D)
  • Material - Full grain leather
  • Metalwork - Brass


  • 1/4" to 4mm Micro Adaptor: 25mm & 60mm
  • Square adaptors: 1/4" & 3/8"
  • 60mm slim line extender
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Waiting I cannot. Purchase on Indiegogo I have made. Goodness awaits.


Hi Luis! You can order the Pocket Pack as part of a Pocket Driver pledge on Indiegogo ( right now, or it’ll be available to buy as a standalone product here on our online store ( once the campaign is fulfilled.



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