Genuine MetMo

We are the original creators and manufacturers of the MetMo Products under the MetMo brand name and we sell on our online store,, where we ship worldwide. We also sell on crowdfunding platforms Kickstarter and Indiegogo..

We do not sell on, or any Amazon associated site. We do not sell on Ebay, or any drop-shipping sites such as Aliexpress. Anyone claiming to be MetMo, or to sell MetMo goods on these sites are selling counterfeit items that are not made by us or our partners, and are breaking the law. 

The quality and design of these products are not the same, and items purchased externally are not covered under our warranty or customer service. 

MetMo Brand Infringement

Although the items we make are based on expired patents, the product themselves are new original designs and it takes quite some time to design and prove out the design. This means we own these designs. 
Each MetMo product has a registered design associated with it, so any copy or reproduction is illegal and enforceable under UK and international law. 
Any goods found infringing on our designs, name, logo, or images are subject to the full force of the law and any illegal stock found imported or passed through a customs authority will be flagged and destroyed. 

Don't risk it

Don't risk wasting money and being disappointed by inferior ripoff products that use our name. Support the original creators so that we can continue to make interesting things for years to come. 

If you have any concerns about something you have seen please do get in contact at