Driving Home Those Reviews

Driving Home Those Reviews

Our latest release has officially broken the MetMo record books! (We know they're not huge, but still!).

The MetMo Driver has now raised over £1.2 million by over 7,000 peopleand has officially reached fulfilment for our Kickstarter campaign. It's given us immense joy to see people's Drivers arriving and how pleased they are with the product we've worked so hard on.

Before shipment began back in February, there were only a few MetMo Drivers ever produced and available. We decided to send these out to some of our tool influencer friends to see what they thought of the 5th MetMo instalment.

First, we have a review from the popular tool show Belts and Boxes. They previously reviewed the MetMo Grip so we were hoping the Driver gave them that same satisfaction factor:

Rob simply described the Driver by saying, "It's huge"...say no more.

Next, we have our favourite Canadian handyman, Steve! We can't go on without saying that we love Steve's review style. So friendly, so kind. Anyway here's what he had to say about or Driver:

Now if the first 15 seconds didn't win you ever, we don't know what will!

As we said before, MetMo Drivers are arriving in the hands of people all over the world right now. The numbers speak for themselves, order yours now and take home the most satisfying driver to have torqued the earth!

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