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A Gripping Strip Down

Hello everyone!We wanted to give everyone a rundown of the parts that go into the Grip. We've had quite a few suggestions to switch out the plastic components of the Grip where in reality there are no plastic components but we can see how that may have been misconstrued as we've not gone into much detail in regard to the parts and construction of the Grip. So we thought we'd do a good old-fashioned strip down of the Grip and run through each part for you. Upper Jaw  We start with the mighty top jaw. As well as holding the work piece, it also serves as a major structural component giving the handle a lot of its strength and aligning...

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Getting To Grips With History

Hello Everyone,  Firstly, thank you to all who have backed so far and welcome to the campaign. We're so grateful to all of you and we're trying our best to answer all your messages and questions and keep up with everyone across Kickstarter and all our social platforms, but please keep your messages coming, we love hearing from you and your great feedback, which is shaping the future of this project. So, as some background to the patent, this is the last of 5 designs that Edwin J. Evans (of Salt Lake City, Utah, and then Venice, CA) patented. His first wrench was designed in 1912 during an era of rapid innovation in adjustable wrenches. Edwin originally had these manufactured...

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Metmo Grip

Hey everyone! Thank you so much for supporting us during the Helico project! We wanted you guys to be the first to hear about our new Kickstarter campaign, MetMo Grip! MetMo Grip is both a fidget toy and a tool, it brings a new level of versatility, refinement, fun and style to your toolkit or desk. We have some limited early bird rewards so get in quick :)   The MetMo Grip isn't just a super satisfying desk toy! We made sure it could step up when a job needed doing. *CLICK HERE* to check out our new campaign! As always, if you have any questions about MetMo Grip or Helico please get in touch :)  Thanks again for your support! Peg & Team MetMo

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