What is the MetMoVerse?

The MetMoVerse is a universe we have created for all things MetMo to exist. It’s a place we hope to expand and grow, ultimately giving back to all of our supporters and followers. The MetMoVerse will centre around a tiered rewards system that will consists of benefits, exclusive news and more! It also includes our online community, CubeClub, where new and exciting information is released on a regular basis. 

How does the rewards system work?

The rewards system is free of charge and doesn’t require you to do anything to join. Everyone who has ever bought a MetMo has a membership status and has the potential to receive numerous rewards and benefits. The more MetMo you own, the higher tier your membership will be, simple! In true MetMo fashion the membership tiers are as follows: Iron, Silver, Gold, Platinum. Perks and rewards will include things like; exclusive news about our product launches/availability, discounts off future store purchases and special CubeClub access.

Why should I join the MetMoVerse?

Multiple rewards are available for all membership types. Rewards ranging from free shipping, to 10% off your next order, to exclusive access to the VIP area of CubeClub!

What if I already own multiple MetMo?

We know many of you have been MetMo fans for some time now, and already have your fair share of products under your belt. Don't worry, this won't go unnoticed! Based on your current MetMo ownership, we will gift you points, meaning you will automatically unlock multiple rewards pertaining to that tier!

How can I move up in membership?

Every time you make a purchase on our online store, you gain points. The more points you earn, the higher your membership. 

Iron membership = 2,000 points
Silver membership = 3,000 points
Gold membership = 4,000 points
Platinum membership = 5,000 points