MetMo Rewards and the MetMoVerse

The MetMoVerse is a universe we have created for all things MetMo to exist. It’s a place where we can give back to all of our supporters and followers. The MetMoVerse centres around a tiered rewards system that consists of multiple benefits, exclusive news and more! It also includes our online community, CubeClub, where new and exciting information is released on a regular basis.

How does the rewards system work?

The rewards system is free of charge and is easy to join. Everyone who has ever bought a MetMo has already accumulated points and unlocked rewards ready to be redeemed. The more MetMo you own, the higher tier your membership will be, simple! In true MetMo fashion the membership tiers are as follows: Iron, Silver, Gold, Platinum. Perks and rewards will include things like; exclusive news about our product launches/availability, discounts off future store purchases and special CubeClub access.


Why should I join the MetMoVerse?

Multiple rewards are available for all membership types. Rewards ranging from free shipping, to a free item!

What if I already own multiple MetMo?

Many of you will have already been awarded points for Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns that were run before the creation of the rewards system - we definitely didn't want to miss those out! This means there could already be rewards waiting for you once you sign up! If you feel you're missing any points please get in touch at and we'll be happy to look into this for you.


How do I access the rewards?

If you go to our website homepage a little widget will pop-up at the bottom left that says 'MetMo Rewards'. If you click sign in, and then click again you'll be able to see your reward account in the pop up. From here, you can view your rewards and redeem your points.

You'll be given discount codes which you can use on future orders, though they generally can't be used together.