About Us

We are makers. Creators. Tinkerers. Engineers.
We make high-quality novel pieces that explore and indulge in concepts that provide a satisfying experience along with the highest level of machining.We believe in over-engineering the simple things and bringing large and otherwise unobtainable things into the miniature world so we can all enjoy them on a new level.

The Team
Back row: Chris, Sean, Jay, Chelsea
Middle row: Kim, Ryan, Guadalupe, Aliss
Front row: Serena, Shay, James
Peg was behind the camera
 We're a small but growing team lead by the designers of all things MetMo, James and Sean. 
Sean designed large-scale mass-manufactured machinery, and James worked in the automative industry tweaking various composite structures in high performance cars.

The Company
The MetMo Cube was our first creation, the world's first desk toy produced with wire EDM. A piece of engineering so painstakingly slow to produce, it's a process reserved for the most specialist tasks. What can be achieved is impressive but there was no way of ever owning something that this machine process produced (unless you are lucky enough to own a nuclear submarine...)

The MetMo Cube paved the way for 4 more MetMo, the latest being our MetMo Driver. Since the making of the MetMo Cube, our team has almost tripled in size to keep up with the growth of our product line and increase in orders.

Our Mission
To create the unusual and extraordinary. To bring to life visions of strange and mesmerising objects only made possible through engineering ingenuity and modern machining methods.

It's been a huge joy of ours creating new products, bringing them to life and sharing with the world and the MetMo Community. We couldn't have got to where we are today without the amazing support shown by all MetMo owners, and we hope we can grow together.