A Case For Your Bits

A Case For Your Bits

Buckle in for a whirlwind tour of the one and only, Magnetic Bit Case!

First things first, why did we make this thing?

It was while we were developing the Pocket Driver and had just developed the unibody design for the new handle. We found as well as making a great compact extender to the drivers handle, it also makes a great shape for a hand held... anything!

While we were looking at storage for extra bits in the driver itself, we thought, 'what if this design could be a bit caddy too?' We've all had those bit stands or blocks of plastic with bits jammed into them, why couldn’t the place where the bits are stored be really nice too?

So, we set to work making something that would be handy and also be super satisfying to use, as well as having a nice touch of function that isn’t in the run of the mill tools you see.

The result? A light weight aluminium body, with a pop out handle and an incredibly powerful neodymium magnet.

Manual Bit Ejector

The handle lets it sit nicely in your hand and eject bits with your thumb. This doesn't sound like much but it is deeply satisfying and makes switching between drive bits easy to just slide them out, or it's just as easy to press and pop one out if you are in the mood for some precession bit handling.

The Power of Magnets

Once your bits are fully loaded into the bit case, they're not coming out again unless you say so!

Pick up bits and clean up, fast! Screws laying around, bits covering your workspace, use the magnet to pick them up and get your space organised in seconds… the power of magnets ay?

Where this feature really comes into its own is when you drop a screw down the back of a cabinet or when you unscrew your motorcycle battery terminals and drop the tiny square nut into the abyss that is the inside of a motorbike... happened way too many times. You can pop the case inside hard to reach places to hoover up any loose hardware.

Store extra bits/long bits

The back is an ideal place to attach longer bits or just those random loose bits that you collected that don’t have a home anymore. So, when you pick up your bits you can pick up ALL your bits… just make sure you want whatever you attached to them to be magnetic. After a while we have found that our prototype dramatically improved the magnetic power of the bits stored in there. Maybe they turned to the dark side, who knows?

Attach it to what you're working on

Bits are never where you need them, especially when they're small! The magnet that holds the bits in doubles up as a way to attach the bit case to whatever you're working on, so bits are right there when you need them.

Also, as an added bonus, it will stick to the mini driver so they're easy to keep together! The natural extension to the Pocket Driver.

A Handy Handle

Pop it and hang it.

If you want it to just hang around, it has the same carabiner loop point so you can attach it to your quick access tool or just have it easy to access in your pocket tool bag or everyday carry.

The handle has the same spring plunger holding the handle in place, so has that same satisfying click and fiddle ability! That handle is also useful if what you're working on happens not to be ferritic. If you are working on an oak sailing ship maybe?

Manual Drive

In a bind it might be all you need, as it can be a makeshift bit driver! I know you wouldn’t want to use it for long like this, but if you just want to quickly tighten that loose screw in a set of glasses or break into the TV remote, it's perfect!

We incorporated a small ramp at the ejection points to give each drive bit an end stop, which helps you put a good amount of pressure on the bit without it shooting out of the case!

Tech Specs

Capacity: Internal 6 pieces 1/4" (6.3mm) Hex drive bits (and however many more you can stick to the back of it!)

Weight: 73g (2.5oz) un-loaded & 100g (3.5oz) Fully loaded

Size: 103mm (4.0") x 27mm (1.06") x 12mm (0.47")

Materials:7055 aerospace grade aluminium hard anodized, HTB1 Brass, Neodymium N52 rare earth magnet.

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Hi Mike! You can order the magnetic bit case as part of a Pocket Driver pledge on Indiegogo (www.indiegogo.com/projects/metmo-pocket-driver) right now, or it’ll be available to buy as a standalone product here on our online store (www.metmo.co.uk) once the campaign is fulfilled towards the end of April.



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