Introducing MetMo Pocket Driver!

Introducing MetMo Pocket Driver!

Say hello to MetMo Pocket Driver!

Assemble Anything, Anywhere, All At Once!

Invented in 1871 and miniaturised in 2023. A classic Icon of engineering history, miniaturised for the first time to create a tool unlike anything else.

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What can Pocket Driver do?

Pocket Driver is perfect for building anything. Designed for Allen/hex key bits as well as standard screw and micro screw bits, there really isn't anything it can't tackle! From Ikea furniture to a motorcycle kickstand, all can be assembled with this small but mighty tool!

One of the best pocket sized... anything!

A pocket driver in a class of its own, with more torque than it knows what to do with! Designed to bridge the gap between hex/allen keys, T-drivers and micro drivers, and of course screwdrivers. A compact multi-tool, designed to be the lightweight and portable.

Take a drive on the micro side

Pocket Driver takes everything that makes the Driver great, shrinks it down to EDC proportions and laser focuses on making your everyday tasks a joy to carry out.

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