Everyone’s Gone Gaga For The MetMo Grip

Everyone’s Gone Gaga For The MetMo Grip

Some of you may or may not have noticed that the MetMo Grip is now only available on a pre-order basis…but this is to no fault of our own.

Some of our fellow tool lovers tried and tested the Grip and shared what they thought on their social channels.

The result was truly amazing and not quite one we could’ve ever been prepared for. As you can imagine, our production department had a slight panic when all of a sudden 10x the amounts of orders were coming in for the Grip!

Safe to say, we’ll try not get caught out again! But it’s only fair that we share some of the videos that helped to show the Grip to much more of the world.

First up, we have our new friend Steve from across the pond. Here’s his TikTok post:

@baileylineroad 🛠️ In this video I unbox and demonstrate a brand new multi-purpose wrench from an antique design. #handtool #handtools #wrench #wrenches #metmogrip #baileylineroad ♬ original sound - Steve Maxwell

Our personal favourite bit was when he called us ‘The MetMo Tool Company’…it made us feel extra special.

Next up we’ve got a popular YouTube channel called Belts and Boxes where we featured in the segment ‘Rob’s Favourite Tools’:

He said it was beautiful.

Finally, we have a rapid-fire review from a man who calls himself Dusty Lumber…we’re still unsure if Dusty is his real name but we’d like to think it is!

We’re working on getting more MetMo Grips in stock but for now, if you want to get your hands on one, place your order and we’ll make sure it gets sent your way as soon as possible!

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