BREAKING NEWS: MetMo Pen Confirmed to be Truly Satisfying

BREAKING NEWS: MetMo Pen Confirmed to be Truly Satisfying

Hello everyone!

We want to say a massive welcome and thank you to all who have supported us in the last week!

We've had a couple of awesome reviews land over the last week, so we thought we'd pop them together in an update to share with you all just in case you missed them :) Hopefully these reviews can give you a little more insight into MetMo Pen and make you that much more excited to receive yours!

First up we have Ivan the Puzzle Guy who collects and attempts to solve some seriously mind-boggling puzzles. A little while ago we noticed Ivan playing around with a 3D printed dual-threaded rod, so he jumped at the opportunity to get his hands on a MetMo Pen:

Next up we have Paul, The Friendly Reviewer. Paul covered our previous project Helico a little while ago and made some truly stunning content. With MetMo Pen, he has somehow gone a step further and captured everything from tricks you can do all the way down to macro-level details! Check out his review below:

If you want to check out our full collection click here!

Thanks again for all your support so far!

Peg & Team MetMo

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