The Next Generation of MetMo is Here

The Next Generation of MetMo is Here

Hello everyone!

As we're wrapping up the final few leftover Grips from our phenomenal Kickstarter campaign, I bring exciting news of the next level of Metal In Motion from the team here at MetMo. 

We've long been fans of the dual-threaded rod concept and we've loved playing with our idle hands with a number of gadgets over the years, but we wanted to create something more functional, as well as supremely satisfying.
MetMo Pen is the world's first dual-threaded pen, for satisfying scribbling and fascinating fingering!
More than just another pen. MetMo Pen is a dual-threaded rod mechanical masterpiece, designed to the be the most satisfying thing you can do with your fingers!
(that's legal anyway...)
Be the first on the list and add a piece of Metal In Motion history to your collection. As the worst of production issues caused by the pandemic are behind us,  we have ramped up pre-production and expect this to be our biggest campaign ever! As such, the first units ordered are estimated for delivery in only January 2022! 

We hope to see you again very soon!

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