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MetMo Black Pocket Driver

MetMo Black Pocket Driver

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MetMo Pocket Driver; Assemble Anything, Anywhere, All At Once!

- Compact 3-in-1 ratchet driver
- Lightweight design
- Hardened materials


Hard anodised aluminium (2024 Aerospace grade aluminium)

10.9 Equivalent Grade Bolt (304 Stainless Steel)

Hard Anodised Aluminium (7055-T77 Aerospace grade aluminium)

Induction hardened tool steel (D2 Grade HRC55)

High tensile brass (HTB1)

Martensitic stainless steel (420C Grade Hardened)

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Size: 103mm (4.0") x 27mm (1.06") x 20mm (0.78")

Weight: 109g (3.8 Oz)

Technical Details

Finish: Heat treated stainless steel, hard anodised black

Maximum Torque we achieved: 17Nm (150 in-lbs)

Bit Size: 1/4 (6.3mm) Hex drive bits

Magnetic Socket: Yes

What's in the box?

- MetMo Pocket Driver

- PD2 bit

- PZ2 bit

- 2mm Allen key

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Invented In 1871 And Miniaturised In 2023

A classic Icon of engineering history, miniaturised for the first time to create a tool unlike anything else. Bringing back a tool from the past to fix problems of today, they truly don't make them like this anymore.  

MetMo Pocket Driver is both a fidget toy and tool, keeping you satisfied for hours on end either fiddling with it or building your next project.

Assemble Anything, Anywhere, All At Once!

Pocket Driver is perfect for building anything! Designed for allen/hex key bits as well as standard screw and micro screw bits, there really isn't anything it can't handle! From Ikea furniture to a motorcycle kickstand, all can be assembled with this small but mighty tool!

Why Have We Created MetMo Pocket Driver?

After the success of our Driver, inspired by Conrad Baumann's ratchet driver design from the 1950's, a lot of customers loved the driver but wanted something smaller for everyday carry. So we set to work incorporating everything everyone loved from the first tool, miniaturised it and added in some extra magic too. 

What Can It Do?

A compact multi-tool, designed to be the lightweight and portable.

Perfect for handling everything from computer builds to bicycle maintenance, and compact enough for your daily carry. Annoyingly small allen keys will be a thing of the past!

A Pocket Driver In A Class Of Its Own

With more torque than it knows what to do with! Pocket Driver is designed to bridge the gap between hex/allen keys, T-drivers and micro drivers, and of course, screwdrivers. What more could your pocket ask for? 

Who's It For?

Made for designers, engineers, thinkers, and anyone who wants to just take a moment to focus, relieve stress or play around. MetMo Pocket Driver is both a powerful and versatile tool and amazingly fun to fiddle with! After all, why should tools be only used in the workshop? 

A Powerful Tool And The Perfect Desk Toy

Like a Swiss watch, each component interlocks perfectly so you can enjoy the endless motion of Pocket Driver's moving parts.

Pocket Driver is a tool you won't want to hide away in your tool box! Designed to be fiddled with, each rotation and click has been meticulously crafted to give you maximum satisfaction, even just sat at your desk.

A Satisfying Drive

Simply rotating the chuck is huuuuuuugely satisfying. The weight feels reassuring in your hand and you know that if you do ever need to drive something in, Pocket Driver is there for the job.

Instead of hiding the fun stuff away, we've left it exposed like the original, so you can see that satisfying motion. But wait there's more! Every part is designed to click and move with ultimate satisfaction, more than just a tool and you won’t want to put it down!

Back To The Future Part II

Own a part of history as one of the early forms of the ratchet screwdriver, patented by Conrad Baumann under the brand name Baumann-Weltrecord, in the 1920's. 

Re-imagined using hardened materials and state of the art machining techniques, Baumann's vision lives once more, driving home the quality and reliability for which his original was known.

Driving Through The Years

With only a handful of originals left in the world and even fewer available for auction, we are keeping the story alive for future generations. Now building on what Baumann could have done if they had the engineering techniques of today.

With Pocket Driver we took everything Baumann pioneered, engineered out all of the weak points and made it as compact as physically possible. We then added in a bunch of new features, making it an extremely useful tool for the 21st century.

Get The Hell Out Of Here Allen!

Lets face it, hex and allen keys haven't changed much, and they're used for pretty much EVERYTHING! Cheap and cheerful, and they just work... most of the time.

Pocket Driver is a compact hybrid between a T-handle and ratchet driver, meaning you'll never have to experience a painstakingly slow and finger pinching IKEA build ever again! 

Take It Easy On The Hands

Normally hex keys can be really uncomfortable to use, think back to that undersized IKEA allen key…  sure, there are sets with handles on them, but who carries those around with them? Pocket Driver gives you torque and comfort in the palm of your hand.

A Class Of Its Own

Pocket Driver forges a new class of tool, pocket sized but packs a punch. 

With its impressive torque, this tool serves as a versatile screwdriver, a compact T driver, and a substitute for allen keys, while remaining agile enough to be used as a micro driver. Practical, and portable.

Why Not A Modern Ratchet Screwdriver?

Modern tools are made to a price, and most use cheap plastics and components that are designed to break after so many uses.  We wanted to make something with a full metal construction and bring engineering grade quality production into the world of tools, that would stand the test of time, putting fun and precision back into the task at hand.

The original design was hugely satisfying to fiddle with and we wanted to recreate that feeling by combining it with something which looked amazing, so you could even enjoy it at your desk as an excellent piece of engineering (and show it off to your friends 😉 )

Quick Release Handle

Quick release, fold out handle harnessing the power of the pivot. The handle pops into place in seconds giving you all the advantages of a bigger tool whilst taking up less space. It's like the swiss army knife of screwdrivers… kind of.

A Whole New Way To Hold A Driver

The handle works with you depending on what space you are working in. Use in-line as a micro driver, off-line to get into a tight space but with some extra grip, use in T-mode to get some real power behind it and use the pistol grip for a comfortable driving experience. 

Easy Reacher

No screw is out of reach for our tool, as it effortlessly navigates tight and inconvenient spaces, delivering impressive performance. The timeless classic design, updated for modern use, makes your life easier by requiring less effort to drive screws that are difficult to reach with conventional ratchet screwdrivers. Pocket Driver ensures that even the most stubbornly buried screws won't escape its relentless power, allowing you to tackle any screw-driving task with ease!

MetMo Goes Micro

Built for micro bits, perfect for taking apart more fragile items like computers and lesser drivers, making this a versatile and handy tool.

Lets Torque About Your Bike

Don't get caught out on the road! 

A small fold away design that packs a real punch! Pocket Driver is perfect for keeping your pride and joy in top condition, small enough to accompany you wherever you go. 

Two In The Chamber

Need a bit? We've got you covered. Pocket Driver has inline storage for two emergency bits to get you out of a bind. Load up with your most commonly used bits to keep you driving all day long.

Grab Hold Of Your Bits

Basic stuff, but weak magnets in drivers are a real pain point! A powerful neodymium magnetic bit holder grabs bits firmly, so you don't end up leaving them stuck in what you're working on… we've all been there!

Use With Any Drive Bit

While we are talking bits, unlike the original 1950's design, Pocket Driver is compatible with all standard removable Hex drive bits, so you can use it with 1000’s of modern fixtures, including your favourite brands from all over the world.