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MetMo Fidget Bundle

MetMo Fidget Bundle

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Introducing the ultimate satisfaction pack! A fine gift for any fidget aficionado, the MetMo Fidget Bundle brings together the best of MetMo's engineering expertise. Ideal for practicality and play in equal measure. 

The MetMo Fidget Bundle includes:

Helico MK2

Precision engineered with a unique herringbone profile, Helico delivers a ton of torque into the palm of your hand.

Helico has everything you could want from an executive desk toy; magnets, interlocking gears, bits that spin, striking visuals that intrigue the eye and a gear you don't see outside of sports cars and hydroelectric dams. 

You can choose between two styles:

The Herringbone tread is the classic look, a helical gear with a profile which interlocks with ultimate precision.

The Spur, named after the gear pattern we know and love with a deep groove for those users who want an even greater tactile experience. The overlapping points provide an intense feeling through your fingers, giving you a full-on fidget feel factor.

MetMo Pen 

Experience the innovative design of the MetMo dual-threaded pen. Its diamond knurled pattern offers an unparalleled tactile sensation, pushing your creativity to new heights and putting your mind at ease, with a unique satisfying gravity powered motion. 

You can opt for either Hard Anodised Silver Aluminium or Solid Brass, both of which come with a German-engineered Parker-style cartridge and two accompanying brass nuts for extra longevity.

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