MetMo Cube

What is the cube made from?

The cubes are cut from stainless steel.

How is the cube made?

Electrical Discharge Machining is a method of shaping metal to extreme tolerances and uses an extremely thin wire to cut through solid metals. EDM allows us to make very, very precise shapes, structures and parts to perform very specific tasks where extreme tolerances are required. The interaction of the parts in our cube cannot be replicated using laser cutting, casting or CNC machining. 

Can I clean my cube?

A wipe with a lint-free cloth should help keep the cube in decent order. For anything heavier, a small amount of dish soap and a damp cloth will help remove most dirt and marks. Avoid getting water in the pin chambers as this may impact the operation of the cube. 

How long does it take for the pins to drop?

The drop times will vary slightly as each part has been finished by hand to ensure
the best fit.

A pin has come out. What do I do?

The best way to put a pin back in is to drop the point-end into the slot
and rotate the pin slowly until it is lined up with the rest of the hole. It should then
slide in without any trouble and without catching the edge of the slot.

Are the pins lubricated?

The pins are pre-lubricated for th ebes tpossible performance. Please don’t remove any lubricants you find on the pins: the lubricant is important for the cube to function at its best. You wouldn’t run an engine without any oil after



What is Helico made from?

The outside of Helico is C360-grade (H02) brass which is corrosion resistant and will do its best to resist the aggression of oxidisation.

Can I polish Helico?

Over time, it may lose its shine but the good news is that it can be brought back to life with ease, simply by using a Brasso-style metal polish. Gently rub the surface until it comes up to a lustre again. The patina is harmless and a natural part of the metal’s characteristic.

How durable is Helico?

Though brass is a metal, it is on the softer side so it can be dented if, say, thrown in a tool bag, used to prop up a table or dropped onto a concrete floor, for example.

My Helico spins slowly. What shall I do?

Each Helico contains a bearing in order for it to spin. The spinning parts might start off with a slight resistance as they are designed to bed in over a short time of use and will become smoother and more free-running with continuous fiddling.

Avoid adding any lubricants to Helico as these may transfer to your hands during usage and mark other surfaces and materials.

Can I clean my Helico?

Avoid submerging Helico in water, particularly salt water. The bearing and aluminium surfaces will thank you for it.

A lint-free cloth will help remove a lot of dust and dirt from Helico though you may wish to go deeper than that. A toothbrush will help shift any dirt from within the gear profiles.