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Orders and Shipping 

How long does shipping take?

I'm an international customer. Who will deliver my parcel?

Can I track my parcel?

I have made a mistake and no longer want the product, what do I do?

Q. Do you ship internationally? 
 Yes, we ship anywhere in the world. 

Q. Will I be charged duties or customs?
A. Any order delivered outside of the UK is subject to import costs from your local authority. 

Q. Where do I send the product back to?
A. You can return products back to our studio, addressed as:

Unit 5, Armley Nanopark, Pickering street, Armley Road, Leeds, LS12 2BJ

Questions about the Products:
MetMo Cube

Q: What is the Cube made from?
A: The Cubes are cut from stainless steel.

Q: How long does it take for the pins to drop?
A: The drop times will vary slightly as each part has been finished by hand to ensure the best fit.

How is the Cube made?

Can I clean my Cube?

A pin has come out. What do I do?

Are the pins lubricated?

MetMo Helico

What is Helico made from?

Can I polish Helico?

How durable is Helico?

Can I clean my Helico?

MetMo Grip

Q: Will it rust? 
A: The body is made from stainless steel so won't rust and the threaded portion will be coated to prevent corrosion.

Q: How far do the jaws open?
The jaws open from 0 to 22.5mm (0.885")

How does it lock in position?


MetMo Pen

Q: Will the pens Rust?
A: No. The Pens are made from non-ferrous materials and will not rust. Brass will patina over time and this is completely natural and will give brass Pens a unique aged look.

Can I buy pen refills?

How does the double threading work?

Can I clean the Pen?

How do I take care of the brass parts?