Metal In Motion

Helico pinched between finger and thumb interlocking

We are makers. Creators. Tinkerers.

We are engineers making novel high-quality curios that explore engineering concepts that provide a satisfying experience at the same time.

We believe in over-engineering the simple things and bringing large and otherwise unobtainable things into the miniature world so we can all enjoy them on a new level.

Our story 

Founded by two engineers, one who designed large-scale mass-manufacturing machinery, and one who worked in the automotive industry, tweaking various composite structures in high performance cars.

They felt that there was something missing from everyone's desk and from their lives. This 'something' is the high precision wire EDM cube. A piece of engineering so painstakingly slow to produce, it's a process reserved for the most specialist tasks. What can be achieved is impressive but there was no way of ever owning something that this machine process produced (unless you are lucky enough to own a nuclear submarine...)

So we sat down and designed the world's first desk toy produced with wire EDM. Initially, there were some bumps in the road during the first batches but after a year of struggle, the cubes finally made it onto those fabled desks.

Metmo Cube with metal textures

Next up was Helico, a magnetic helical gear profile that interlocks. Inspired by the herringbone gears used inside sports cars that are normally locked away where they cannot be seen, the aim was to make something that looked interesting and was just as nice to hold and twiddle with while you're working.

Helico being machined from billet of brass

Now it's the aim of this small team of desktop engineers to miniaturise and make accessible interesting pieces of engineering that would normally be locked away and shrouded in mystery for you to appreciate and enjoy.

Our mission: to create the unusual and extraordinary, to bring to life visions of strange and mesmerising objects only made possible through engineering ingenuity and modern machining methods.    

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