Pre-Production Success!

Pre-Production Success!

Hey everyone!

The pre-production run has arrived and we are VERY happy with them!

There's only a few very minor cosmetic things that we will be addressing for the main production run, but all in all, they're pretty spot on!

Here's an image of a couple of them. You'll notice the seamless machining of the herringbone on these ones. The prototype we used for filming was made using two separate gears joined together which left a slight join line.


Shiny New Helico's!

We also made sure to put tiny rads on the gear profiles to make sure they're nice to hold. 

Can't touch this!

We can now proceed and get on with machining the rest of the Helico's! We'll be in touch when we have more information, which should hopefully be the new packaging we designed arriving :)

Stay Safe

Team MetMo


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