MetMo Helico Mk2

Say hello to Helico... again! 

Why have we created Helico MK2?

Our original Helico was one of our earliest and much loved products, but was sadly hampered by our gear cutting partner going out of business. After many requests to bring it back we sat down and re-designed it to make it even more fiddle-able. After 6 months of intense fiddle based designing, we had it. A more satisfying experience with all the great tactile feedback of the original and with much improved magnetism, to keep those fingers occupied all day long! 

Who's it for?

Made for designers, engineers, thinkers and anyone who wants to just take a moment to focus, relieve stress or just play around. 

Designed to look great on your desk, spark up a conversation about engineering innovation and keep those thinking fingers at bay, clicking pens is a thing of the past! 


Super mesh-merising to watch

The humble herringbone profile is designed to interlock unlike any other gear. In our desktop version, they engage and roll easily in the palm of your hand without the need of any fixed axis, so you appreciate the mesmerising motion of the gears meshing together, unlike anything else you can hold in your hand.
The interlocking gears present a whole new dimension for focusing your mind and testing your dexterity while the tactile feedback keeps your mind focused on what's important.

Even more mesh-merising

Helico Spur takes gear engagement to a whole new level, designed to fully engage your tactile senses for a fully kinaesthetic fiddling experience, So it feels as good as it looks! 

Choose either Spur or Herringbone.... or both!
Available in two different profiles, double the fun!

Hold on to your hats, it's magnet time!

The Helico Mk2 Combines two Neodymium magnets, aligned to attract each other, offering a wide variety of tricks and satisfying clicks!  

Precision machined 

As with all of our designs we take a hands on approach to create truly unique things. Using Solid machined brass parts and utilising the latest in 3D printing technologies, each part fits together perfectly with precision, all made in our UK Workshop. 

Making of the Helico 

Watch as we make a Helico from raw brass in our workshop from start to finish, using our manual Myford lathe.


What's the deal with the gear? 

These types of gears are extremely rare and almost exclusively found in heavy machinery as they can deliver a huge amount of torque without the need for substantial thrust bearings.

Much like our cube, now you can own your own little bit of engineering history.

(Below: Measurements being taken at the General Electric turbine plant in 1948.)

Double up your satisfaction  

Designed to interlock, so you can build your own gear train to fit perfectly in your hand, each one that is added gives a new unique motion.


Love it?
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