How to care for your MetMo Grip

Care & Love

Your Grip is corrosion resistant and can be washed clean with water.
But for best results make sure it is fully dried afterwards, and keep it in a dry place where it will not be exposed to too much condensation.

If You Take It Apart

Keep in mind that the screw thread and slider are matched to that exact Grip, so if you have 2 don't mix and match those parts. We advocate patience while reassembling them as they can't half be tricky!

If you decide to take your Grip apart here's a video guide on the best way to do it and put it back together (because that's the important bit).

It's normal for your Grip to pick up a few scratches, especially if it's a main feature in your toolbox. Here's a helpful video on how to get rid of those scratches and get your Grip shining again.

Either upon arrival or over time, your Grip can get a little stiff or sticky. Here's what to do if you ever have a case of a stiff Grip