The New MetMo Site

The New MetMo Site

Welcome one and all!

MetmoCube Website

Here you'll find yourself on the new MetMo site, which we think is pretty slick.

We have a store, a blog and various bits of helpful information at the bottom including shipping and FAQ section. 

We've added in our previous projects such as Helico, and our first project, the MetMo Cube.

If you've already got yourself a Helico or a Cube, you can add on a stand for each to make them a centrepiece or try new tricks.

And if you're looking for something for the person who has everything, look no further than our store. They almost certainly won't have a helical gear toy or steel cube that's been EDM-manufactured.

Our Story 

MetMo Cube in calipers on top of technical drawning

When we started, we just had the cube, a crazy idea that took off to a level none of us expected.

Our passion for engineering combined with the unusual has fueled our designs from day one and Helico was no exception. We were blown away with the amount of support it got and it's become a firm favourite of engineers, desk toy enthusiasts and the curious all over the world.

You'll find interesting concepts and strange new methods in our work that hopefully delight the engineer within (or without if it's a gift you're after).

We're always working on the next unusual item (take a look at our Instagram page for sneak previews) something that'll truly make people stop and think for a moment, marvel at it and enjoy interacting with a piece of engineering you wouldn't normally come across.
Thank you for reading. We're pleased to have you along with us for the journey through the mysteries and intricacies that modern machining methods and desk top oddities offer. 

If you've any questions, get in touch using the contact page or email us directly here on

Team MetMo





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