Mk2 Steel Metmo Cube
Mk2 Steel Metmo Cube
Mk2 Steel Metmo Cube
Mk2 Steel Metmo Cube
Mk2 Steel Metmo Cube

Mk2 Steel Metmo Cube

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The MK 2 Steel MetMo Cube is an update to the precision machined desk toy that took the world by storm in 2019. 

The Mk2 Cube supercedes the Mk1 as 'the most over engineered desk toy you can own!' 

A reinforced based bolted firmly into place creates a hermetic seal for maximum pneumatic performance. An solid SLS laser printed foot clads the base to keep it in top condition for years to come.

Simply invert the cube and let gravity get to work. The tolerances we've machined the cube to are so fine that we had to design a special base to allow the air to escape at a controlled rate, its an oddly satisfying cube that works in the palm of your hand. 

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I feel privileged to own one!

I keep my cube in front of my computer. Every morning, before reading my email, I turn it over on its stand and then turn it upright and watch the magic. It never fails to amaze me!

Pure Awsome!!!

I have a Helico and it it really cool. I then saw the MetmoCube and had to order one. This thing is piece of engineering pure beauty. The machined tolerance of this cube is nothing short of AMAZING! So COOL!!! If you dont have one get one! Absolutely awesome piece of ART!