Grip Measurements
Grip Measurements

Grip Measurements

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Add on measurements to your Grip, showing both metric and imperial scales so you can quickly adjust your Grip to the right size or use as a rough measuring device.

Note this is for one Grip. To add to multiple Grips, adjust the quantity.

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Nick M.
United Kingdom

Metmo Grip measurements

Nice to have - A little small to see with my eyesight nowadays but most people should be ok. Im sure i can get used to the amount of lines down as where i need to be once i get used to it. Nice fiddle tool.

Kevin B.
United States United States

Fun tool

Out of the time I have played with this - I would say 99.99% has been letting gravity open & close the jaws. I did test loosen 1 nut with it - and it worked great. Still have not tested the hammer and bottle opener features, but both look like it would work great!

Steve H.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Lacking, sadly.

It's OK I guess, however, the jaws move way to much. There is about 2mm in movement so as beautiful as it is, it just wasn't worth the £100+ price tag and the extraordinary wait time either. The jaws only open to a max of 23mm so can just about get it on a 1/2" radiator valve nut. If the jaws opened to 40mm it would be a 100 times better but again the movement in the jaws is appalling. I tested it on a 20mm A/F nut and managed to easily round it off. It is a terrific beer bottle opener and I guess a good toffee hammer! It will be a very expensive desk toy and nothing else. After reading my own review I now wonder if this is meant to be a desk toy rather than a proper tool? If so, I misunderstood what I bought and then my review would be great! I'm a plumber and this isn't a tradesman's tool by any stretch of the imagination. I do feel a bit foolish to be honest!

A Customer

Tiny Stuff

The measurements are cute, but not extremely useful. The text is tiny, and there's enough wiggle for it to be more of a rough guesstimate than anything. Would have been better if it were along the main slider instead of along the jaw, since you have much more space to work in and the graduations would be farther apart. But ah well.

William M.
United States United States

Missing measurements

Recieved a grip WITHOUT the added measurements. I certainly made every effort to add that option….. up to and including direct email. In the end I was NOT billed (at least not yet) for the markings. And didn’t get them. Of the four Kickstarter projects I have funded, dating back to Oct 2019, this is the ONLY reward I have recieved. So ya got that going for you! Despite the absence of the add-on, I am delighted. Please convey to Kickstarter that apparently up to 75% of projects are ******** scams. They don’t listen to or respond to backer input. So…..**** ‘em. No more projects for me. Kickstarter has been kicked outta da club.